Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Would You Believe 999?

Bill Doering's statement last week in an AP article that "some 1,000 early Mexican settlers are buried at Kings Valley Cemetery" in Oregon has the locals scratching their heads.

“I got news for you, honey. There weren’t any Mexican people out there at that time. I don’t give a hoot what this dude says,” said Audrey Theurer, a local historian and former clerk of the Kings Valley Cemetery Association.

“It’s just ridiculous. Period,” said Earle Greig, who is a descendant of the family from which the tight-knit community takes its name.
“One thousand is a pretty big number,” said Mary Gallagher, curator of research and history at the Benton County Historical Museum.

“I don’t see how that many burials could take place without locals being aware of it. ... The history of the community is not that long. Things like that get passed down. That’s not going to go unheard-of,” she added. “This is just something I’ve never heard of.” [Link]

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