Wednesday, November 08, 2006

334 Blogs Logged

The best part of creating the Blog Finder has been discovering genealogy blogs that previously had flown beneath my radar.

Some I'd love for their titles alone—like I Wear Tight Genes and The Complete and Utter History of Our Ancestors. Others stand out for the quality of the writing, like The Washerwoman's Genes.

Most personal research blogs are wide in scope, but a few are targeted at a single individual—for instance, Looking for Katharina Rosa Loewy and What Happened to Robert? One adds a dash of celebrity to the mix: At The Quest for Matisse, three bloggers attempt to link their family to the French painter Henri Matisse.

And then there's old-timer Ralph Brandi, who's been blogging about genealogy off and on since March 1, 2000. Given that the typical blogger comes to his senses and quits after three posts, that is a remarkable achievement.



Kudo's on your blogfinder.


Don Crowley

Didn't stop you posting more than 3 times did it ;-)


No one could ever accuse me of being sensible.

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