Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beware the Scary Fairies

A burial register for the parish of Lamplugh in Cumbria reveals some interesting causes of death between the years 1656 and 1663.

The manuscript, a later copy of the original, was found in Whitehaven during a national local history campaign. It claims four people were “frighted to death by faries” while another died after being “led into a horse pond by a will of the whisp’.
A drunken duel “fought with frying pan and pitchforks” killed another man, while a second using “a 3-footed stool and a brown jug” as weapons claimed another. [Link]
Two deaths were attributed to "Mrs Lamplugh's cordial water," and eleven poor souls "took cold sleeping at church" and died (a dig, archivist Anne Rowe supposes, at the long-windedness of the rector).

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