Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boy, They'll Let Anyone Be Irish

The 2007 edition of Who's Who in Ireland expands the bounds of Ireland to include whatever B-list planet Paris Hilton hails from.

Oscar winner Robert De Niro gets a mention because he is a second generation Irish-American. And other surprise additions in the Irish abroad section are socialite Paris Hilton, actor George Clooney and singer Mariah Carey.

Clooney is described as third generation Irish with ancestors in Sligo, while Carey, whose mother was an Irish opera singer is second-generation Irish. Socialite Hilton is fourth-generation Irish American because her paternal grandmother had Irish relations.

Actors Mia Farrow and Kevin Costner — who is third-generation Irish on his mother Sharon Tedrick’s side — and regular visitor to Ireland Bill Clinton also get a mention. [Link]
Paris, of course, is the girl who changes her hairstyle more often than her facial expression.

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