Friday, November 24, 2006

Canada's Bizarre Wedding Customs

Celebrating marriage by abusing the dead is evidently rampant in Canada. Two women were spotted Thursday stealing flowers from graves in an Ontario cemetery.

Cemetery operator Ray Pruellage said the flower bandits seemed to target expensive fresh flowers, such as roses and lilies, adding that the long-time cemetery supervisor Al Reid had never heard of such a thing happening before.

“They were two women in their '50's or '60's, so I am thinking maybe one of them had a daughter who had a wedding coming up and they couldn’t afford flowers. That’s the only thing that crossed my mind,” Pruellage said. [Link]
Meanwhile, Kelsey Ray Taylor confessed to setting fire to a church in Manitoba and then smashing headstones at a local cemetery with a sledgehammer.
"I did it for his wedding present," Taylor told provincial court Judge Krystyna Tarwid, claiming he was forced to smash the gravestones at the Roseland cemetery after his friend threatened to tell authorities about his role in the fire if he didn't.

"He wanted to see it in the paper, as in the destruction, I guess." [Link]

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