Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chinese Family Accepts DNA Results With Grace

Jeff Yang writes an entertaining piece at about the current genetealogy craze. His friend Grace had her DNA tested as part of a course in physical anthropology.

"My professor asked us to do research about our ethnic origins, and I told him, 'I can go back a couple of generations in my family, back to my great grandparents, and I'm pretty much sure they're all Chinese,'" she says. "And he challenged me -- he said: 'Don't just take that for granted. Prove it. Do a DNA marker test and show me.'
"My report came back and pretty much said in big letters, 'YOU ARE CHINESE,'" says Grace. "I told my family during a holiday family meal, and everyone just laughed themselves silly. My sister fell off her chair, saying, 'You paid a hundred bucks to learn that? Are you sure that Web site wasn't'" [Link]

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