Thursday, November 30, 2006

Deadbeat Ancestors

Gail writes at GenForum that she sent away for a list of interments at a large New York City cemetery. The response was a plea for money.

"Upon examination of our records, we find that there are outstanding annual care charges due on this graveholding in the amount of $1071.00. A remittance in the amount would be appreciated."

"We recommend that all graveholdings be placed under Perpetual Care. The cost for your graveholding is $1550.00, in addition to the annual care charges mentioned above."
Keep in mind that this graveholding was purchased in 1899, apparently by my great great grandmother. The last burial in the grave was in 1927.
I about had a heart attack when I got the letter--here I am requesting genealogy information and getting a bill for $2500 dollars! My husband said not to do him any favors and order interment lists for his side of the family!!! [Link]

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

This is exactly what happened to me when I requested info for the plot where Annie Moore is buried. About $2,500 owed.


These dead people have such a sense of entitlement. Let 'em pay their own bills!

Steve Danko

I haven't had exactly the same experience, but when I wanted to put a marker on my aunt's grave, I was informed that the fees had been outstanding since 1913. So, I paid the fees in addition to the cost for the monument.

I found out yesterday that the monument should be in place later this week. Aunt Bronislawa had to wait almost 94 years for a monument, I guess I shouldn't complain about a few bucks!


Kudos for remembering your aunt. I have an aunt who died soon after birth back in the '50s and doesn't have a proper marker on her grave. As soon as my bank account will allow, I'm going to make sure she's properly memorialized.


I find it amazing. Their should be some sort of statute of limitation. You can keep charging the family until the end of time....or can you. Maybe I am in the wrong buisness.

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