Saturday, November 25, 2006

Genealogy Is a Lot Like Football

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is trying to figure out why his team's performance has been so inconsistent this year. His method is something he can explain only with a strained genealogy metaphor.

"I'm doing a book now on the genealogy of our family, and the person I'm starting to work with told me 50 percent of the people who start doing these books never finish them. I said, 'Why is that?' They start to find out things they don't want to know about their family so they stop the work.

"In this case, when you start asking the question, 'Why isn't the consistency there?' you can start getting answers — if you're really objective and dig — that you don't want to hear. You have to be prepared to deal with those answers. I'm committed to getting this book finished and digging as far as we have to dig to find out why we're not playing with consistency." [Link]

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