Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is That a Pinky Ring or a Wart?

Missouri farmer Greg Ellison thinks he's found a picture of George Dixon, captain of the Hunley.

The man looks to him like the facial reconstruction of Dixon made from his skull, and he is wearing a Civil War-era naval uniform.

And, most significant of all, Ellison says he's wearing a pinky ring much like the diamond-studded ring found in Dixon's pocket on the Hunley.

"I firmly believe that's what it is, that ring," Ellison said. "From what they know about Dixon, he was a sharp dresser, he was rich and had nice jewelry. My biggest clue was the fact that he's wearing that diamond pinky ring." [Link]
Ellison sent a scan of the photograph to the Hunley lab for verification. They concluded that it was not Dixon, and that the object on the man's pinky was not a ring but a wart. Ellison insists that "they looked at the wrong finger."

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