Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Nation Undefined

The Canadian Parliament on Monday officially recognized the Québécois as a "nation within Canada." Unfortunately, no one has a clue what "Québécois" means.

On Ste-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal, there was some confusion.

"Out here we're Quebecers. But if you go a bit further east [in the city], we're Québécois. But what it means to me? I don't know exactly," said Phil Letour, a Montreal resident.
"The Québécois signifies the French Quebecer, which kind of leaves us English Quebecers as … I don't know what we are. And what about all the Franco-Canadians in the rest of Canada? What are they? Are they only Canadian?" mused Heather Laing, another Montreal resident. [Link]

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