Saturday, November 11, 2006

Overcharging Charge Brings Change

I learned of this story through the latest Genealogy On Demand podcast. New Jersey builder Joseph Dugan got sick of paying exorbitant photocopying fees at the County Clerk's office, and started a class-action lawsuit against Camden and Burlington Counties.

Now the counties are the ones paying. As a result of a settlement approved last week in Dugan's lawsuit, the counties must offer photocopying rebates totaling $1.6 million to taxpayers who duplicated documents in the county clerks' offices since 1996.

They also have to cut the copier price to a nickel a page, starting in January. The court ordered the 5-cent bargain to remain in effect for five years. [Link]
I now have to decide whether it's worth moving to New Jersey to get cheap copies.



Nope its not (to answer your question). What you will save in copying fees, you will lose in car insurance (the highest rates in the U.S.), property taxes, and sales taxes.



Dang. Now I wish I hadn't sublet my apartment and sold my cat. Guess I'll go unpack ...

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