Friday, November 03, 2006

The Price of Procrastination

Another anecdote from The Times, this one even more troubling than the last. It concerns Giles Gauntlet, who was inspired by the television show Who Do You Think You Are? to find the father he hadn't seen since age five.

The 30-year-old Southampton man traced his father’s address in nearby Portsmouth via the website, Genes Reunited and plucked up the courage to call, but there was no answer. Looking through the letterbox, he could see his father, 56-year-old Barry Alp, lying dead in the lounge. An inquest in Portsmouth was told that Mr Alp had died of pneumonia and may have been dead for a few days. “I really cannot believe it,” Gauntlet said at the time. “I just wish I hadn't left it so long.” [Link]

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