Monday, November 20, 2006

State Rep Sends Mixed Messages

68-year-old Mary Ann Zubak was profiled in an Indiana newspaper last month and her birth date was mentioned. Someone in State Representative Bob Kuzman's office misread the column, and sent Zubak a note congratulating her on the "recent birth of your child."

"I wish many years of health, joy and love to your new arrival," the note says.

It was on linen paper embossed with the seal of the state, and attached to it was a copy of an Oct. 6 article from The Times, which had featured Mary Ann as one of its people you should know and included her 1938 birth date.
It wouldn't have been so bad, Zubak said, except that she had previously written to Kuzman asking about the possibility of installing a traffic light at Ind. 55 and Greenwood Avenue in Crown Point -- and received a birthday card in reply.

"Is there a lot of feeling put into this? Was it sincere? Absolutely not," Mary Ann said. [Link]

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