Saturday, November 25, 2006

Supercentenarian Liked the Ladies

America's oldest World War I vet died last Sunday. Ernest Pusey was one of fourteen surviving U.S. veterans of The Great War, and was thought to be the third-oldest man in the world.

In a life that touched three centuries, Pusey was a sailor, a machinist, a husband, a father and an unrepentant flirt.

Sure, he was 111 - but that didn't stop Pusey from having bellydancers and Buccaneer cheerleaders at his last birthday party.

"Oh, he loved the ladies," granddaughter Kathy Dieck said. "He was looking as long as he could see." [Link]

Dana Huff

Wow, that's something. According to the article, he was born the exact same year as my great-grandfather Herman Cunningham, who also served in WWI. What a great story.


It's amazing that there are still 13 WWI vets living in the US. My hometown had one fellow who marched in parades when I was a kid, and even then he seemed like an ancient relic.

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