Sunday, November 26, 2006

An Unrecorded Life

Tommy Johnson is a genealogist's worst nightmare.

He likely was born at a KOA campground in the Northeast, but his birth apparently never was recorded.
Johnson said that he learned from his paternal grandparents -- who raised him -- that his biological mother suffered from mental illness and gave birth to him while camping. They never spoke to him about their son, his father.
They registered him at school, and records show a question mark for date and place of birth and the birth-certificate slot was left blank.

Johnson said he is not even sure he had a name before enrolling in school. He cannot recall being called anything as a young child. [Link]


This is a great story. Perhaps if they released a bit more information like the grandparent's names, the genealogical community could dig up an entire family tree for this guy.



Have the Mormons microfilmed KOA check-in records from the Northeastern United States yet?

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