Sunday, November 19, 2006

Urine Trouble, Big Trouble

There are more developments in the disturbing story of a cemetery worker answering the call of nature, and then braining the guy who caught him in the act. The New York Post offered the Brooklyn graveyard a free Porta-Potty, but they turned it down.

Ungrateful employees of the Washington Cemetery in Bensonhurst cursed and angrily spurned the delivery of a blue portable toilet for groundskeeper James Scott, 80.
Scott denies the charges, and retains his position as groundskeeper and director of the cemetery's Public Urination Program. The injured man, Itomor Khaimov, simply wants justice for his grandmother.
"I pay them good money to take care of her grave, to come and see some schmuck peeing on it," he said. "All I want is that he should be fired. A guy like that should not be allowed to work there." [Link]
In related news, the cemetery is considering a new ad campaign: "When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go to Washington Cemetery in Bensonhurst." The same ad agency came up with a slogan for a cemetery in Queens a few years ago: "Your Loved One Would Want You to Try Flushing."

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