Thursday, November 02, 2006

Viva Zotero!

Zotero is my new favorite Firefox extension. Formerly called "Firefox Scholar," it allows you to bookmark and take snapshots of webpages, and to capture citation info from, Google Books, ProQuest, and library catalogs (including, but not limited to, those listed here). Zotero is supposed to "sense" when you're reading a book description or article on the web and extract the bibliographical data for you. Just click on an icon in the location bar and the item will be added to your library. You can also add items manually, and affix notes, attachments, and tags to them. When it's time to publish, you can easily create a bibliography of sources in one of three citation styles.

This free product is beta software, so expect some hiccups. There are also limitations (e.g. only a few major newspapers are included among the compatible sites). Zotero requires that you use the latest version of Firefox, which makes this a great excuse to upgrade or switch browsers.

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