Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Was the Name Again?

A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article tells how people with difficult-to-pronounce names cope with those whose tongues are easily twisted. Sayeh Tavangar, a native of Iran, uses the name "Lola" when ordering at Starbucks, because "It's just so much easier."

"Every time I tell people I'm Persian, they say, 'Oh, Peru,'" she says, laughing even harder. "And I think, if this person thinks I'm from Peru, is it worth correcting them? Do I even want to talk to them?" [Link]
Tavangar plans to give her children Persian names that are "very hard to pronounce," so that someday they too can order overpriced coffee under the name "Lola."

Incidentally, the article quotes a deputy clerk for the U.S. District Court as saying, "You can change your name to anything but Jesus Christ." This is not true. Just ask Jesus Christ of Manhattan or, for that matter, any of the five people of that name whose numbers are listed.

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