Monday, November 27, 2006

A Whirlwind Romance

I love this story of a spur-of-the-moment marriage from Robert B. Fillmore's 1914 Gems of the Ocean. I can imagine my own New England Yankee ancestors proposing in much the same way.

When Ebenezer Hall lived on Matinicus, a great many years ago, there lived in the family a girl by the name of Dorcas Young, a sister to Hall's wife. Joseph Green was paying his addresses to Dorcas at the time. One night Hall invited some fisherman up to the house, so he said to Greene, "Joe, don't you and Dorcas want to get married?" "I don't know," says Joe. He started for the cow yard where Dorcas was milking the cows, and asked her if she thought they had better get married, that night. "Why Joe," says Dorcas, "I have not got any wedding gown." "Never mind the gown," says Joe, so they went into the house, Dorcas washed herself, put on a clean apron, stood up, and they were married, there being a justice of the peace among the crowd. [p. 24]

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