Saturday, December 09, 2006

488 Communities Wiped Off the Map

Georgia has a new official map, but the cartographers decided that 488 communities were so small that no one would ever need to find them.

Georgia's Department of Transportation, which drew the new map, said that the goal was to make it clearer and less cluttered and that many of the dropped communities were mere "placeholders," generally with fewer than 2,500 people. Some are unincorporated and so small they are not even recognized by the Census Bureau.
Gone are such places as Dewy Rose, Hemp, Experiment, Retreat, Wooster, Sharp Top and Chattoogaville, a spot in far northwestern Georgia that consists of little more than a two-truck volunteer fire department, a few farmhouses and a country store where locals fill up their gas tanks. [Link]
Where I come from, a town of 2,500 people is considered a metropolis, and a fire department that gets a second truck is just showing off.


I'm in the same scenario as you however. I can't image what would happen if they removed all the towns with less than 2,500 in Newfoundland, Canadna. I doubt there would be much of a map left!

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