Wednesday, December 13, 2006

American Royalty (Or So They Think)

An article in the New York Observer lays out some of the illustrious family tree of the Mortimer clan.

The Mortimer family traces its origins to John Jay, the nation’s first chief justice. One of the current generation, Robert Livingston (Topper) Mortimer, that trusty husband of Tinsley, is the great-grandson of Henry Morgan Tilford, a president of Standard Oil, and he bears as well the name of Robert Livingston, a drafter of the Declaration of Independence.
One of the Mortimer cousins, Eva Pell, has recently finished a biography of the Pell and Mortimer families called We Used to Own the Bronx. She explains why I will never become her brother-in-law:
“We’re actually very un-America in spirit,” she said. “Horatio Alger would not be welcome in our family. And the idea is to inherit your money and not make it—and the longer ago, the better.” [Link]

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