Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Be a Sharer, Not a Hoarder

Michael Shaak—who started his career in genealogy by asking his father who they were related to and receiving the reply "Nobody"—is dealing with a "hoarder" who shares his interest in the Shaak surname.

“What he does is he gets information from people on their family and ‘corrects it’ and sends back some other information that is totally incorrect,” Shaak said. “And then they never hear from him again, or until he wants more info. He never even gives them a printout of their family.”

This has an impact on Shaak. When he contacts a family member and says he’s a genealogist, they sometimes put him in the same class as the other guy.

“I’d love to see his stuff, just to see how he connects the dots, because the info he has given me, which isn’t much, just doesn’t jibe,” he said. [Link]

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