Saturday, December 23, 2006

Coal Miner's Great-Great Granddaughter

The Daily Mail has traced Kate Middleton's ancestry back to a family of coal miners. She's the girlfriend and possible consort of Prince William.

By 1890 John Harrison junior, Kate's great-great grandfather, now just 16, was fatherless and already working down the pit. In time, he married a local girl, Jane Hill, from the nearby village of Hetton Lyons.

They set up home in a miner's cottage at 22 Nicholas Street, Hetton Downs, and prepared to live their lives pretty much as John Senior and James Harrison had done: with hard work and constant danger, but within a warm and supportive community. [Link]
William's ancestors led lives very similar, only with less hard work and more time to pursue hobbies like chess and serial infidelity.

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