Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fighting the Rising Tide

Donald Willey is living in a FEMA trailer on Hooper's Island, Maryland, his house having been destroyed by Hurricane Isabel. But his highest priority is saving an island cemetery from slipping into Chesapeake Bay.

"This is our local history, and I just can't see it wash away. It's got to be saved," Willey said. "If it gets out there in the bay, then the body's gone and everything is lost."

In the last 30 years, the waves have devoured the shoreline, moving it 400 feet inland.
Willey said he has a plan to use 2,000-pound concrete blocks to build a base along the shore and cover it with boulders, but at $400 a foot, he said he can only do so much alone. [Link]
You can send a check—or perhaps a 2,000-pound concrete block—to the Anchor of Hope Graveyard Fund at this address:

The Bucktown Village Foundation
P.O. Box 711
Cambridge, Md. 21613-0711

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