Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Georgia's Lost Towns

Here is a list of the 488 small Georgia towns wiped off the state map. I'd be proud to have an ancestor from any of them, but my favorites are Poetry Tulip and Hopeulikit.

Dana Huff

Thanks for posting this link. I was wondering which towns were on the list. Chestnut Mountain is a pretty little town. My dad used to work in Clinchfield! I'm not sure, but I think County Line was close to a town where I used to live. I used to teach in Twiggs Co, home of Dry Branch. A student wrote a great poem about Dry Branch for me. I wish I still had it! I guess the fact that Flippen will no longer exist will have no effect on the fact that the exit sign for I-75, exit 222 will still read (humorously, I always thought) Jodeco Rd./Flippen. Juliette was the town where Fried Green Tomatoes was shot. Can't believe they're wiping that one off the map! Kathleen isn't far from where I used to live either. I can't believe Lizella is going. I had a boyfriend who lived there. Now as to ancestors, mine DID live in Sandy Cross. Sorry about that long comment, and thanks again for posting the list


Long comments are always welcome!

I too have an affection for small towns like these. It seems that Southerners have a special gift for naming them.


I did not know until I read the letter to the editor in the 12/23/06 AJC by the fellow from Bainbridge that you could use the current DOT maps to go from Hopeful to Climax to Recovery, and "know exactly where you're going and how to get there." I guess I Hopeulikit, and it's always been an Enigma to me as to how they got those names to begin with!


Yes, Georgians will have trouble reaching Climax with that new map.

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