Monday, December 11, 2006

Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls

Marya C. Myers, CG, contributed this item to the January 2006 issue of The American Genealogist under the title "Sexual Ambiguity in Colonial Massachusetts." It's taken from the Newport (R.I.) Mercury of Feb. 5, 1770.

BOSTON: ... about 23 years ago a child was born in the southern part of this province, who bearing a similarity to both sexes, it was disputed what apparel it should be dressed in, but it was at last agreed to dress it in women's, and it was baptized by the name of Deborah; this person grew up, and till lately passed for a woman; but having for some time past lodged with one of that sex, the latter found herself to be with child, and has sworn the former to be the father of it—The consequence has been that they are married together, and the father instead of his former name was married by that of Deborah Francis Lewis.

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