Friday, December 01, 2006

The Life of Brians

Brian Joseph Cantwell was Googling his name one day when he discovered another Brian Joseph Cantwell living two states away. The men established that they were not closely related, but each could trace his ancestry back to the same small town in County Kilkenny. So, they arranged to meet. In Ireland.

[I]t must have confused our innkeeper, to get online reservations for the same three nights from two Brian Joseph Cantwells. Me and my family from Seattle, and the other Brian and his family from Palo Alto, Calif.

Four years after meeting by e-mail, we two Brians met for the first time in person at the doorstep of Mary Farrell's centuries-old farmhouse B&B on the edge of this small Irish town that produced our great-grandfathers. Flower boxes splashed color beneath every window and the pungent smell of cow wafted on the August evening breeze.

"You must be Brian," said the stocky stranger with the friendly face and thick swatch of snowy hair.

"You must be Brian!" I replied. [Link]

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