Sunday, December 24, 2006

Male, Female, or None of the Above?

Because of a 20-year-old court decision, anyone tying the knot in Clark County, Ohio, has to take a strange oath before Probate Court deputy clerk Sharon Weldy will issue a marriage license. It starts: "Do you solemnly swear you are not a transsexual..."

"Most of the time, I'd say 75 percent of the time, when I give the oath I get laughter or giggles or questionable looks. You know, they can't believe that's what they're being asked to say," Weldy said.
"Some ask me why they have to say that. Or they look at each other and say 'Are you a transsexual?' to the other one," Weldy said.

No one has ever answered yes.

"I think the average man and woman, by the time they're getting married, kind of just assume that their partner is not a transsexual," said Richard Carey, Clark County Probate Court judge. [Link]


I think I'll go, just to be the first to answer yes....


I guess they should have asked this question of Santhi Soudarajan.


So nobody's been able to assent to not being a transexual?

I thought it was hard meeting women where I live.

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