Sunday, December 17, 2006

Man Finds His Calling Six Feet Under

Business is booming for R. Ward Sutton's company in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

If you wanted to give Sutton a highfalutin title, try this one: "grave relocation facilitator." He's the guy you call when grandma, bless her heart, needs to be moved out of the way of whatever she's in the way of. But one of Sutton's acquaintances has a better title for him. He calls Sutton a "reverse funeral director."

Most funeral directors are in charge of putting you in the ground. Sutton's responsible for pulling you out.
Sutton got his first taste of the grave relocation business back in the '60s.
It was an era when rural family cemeteries -- until then often the default choice for burials -- were starting to give way to memorial gardens, and sometimes the ancestors were moved to those new grounds to help keep the freshly dead company.

"It fascinated me," Sutton says. "I'd rather go out and move a grave than wash a car." [Link]

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