Friday, December 01, 2006

Perpetual Pets

A funeral home in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, has created a 10-acre cemetery where people can be buried with their pets.

A buffer of trees and shrubs will screen and separate the pets and people section of the cemetery from the traditional section where people have been buried for decades, said John Flynn, who owns and operates John Flynn Funeral Home and Crematory.
"Many people have asked if they could be buried with their pets. Others have said they wouldn't want to be buried in a cemetery where animals are buried," Mr. Flynn said, which is why the burial areas will be kept separate.

Typically the pets die first and are buried, in their own casket. When the pet owners die, they would be buried in their caskets in the same plot. [Link]
This sounds like a good policy. After all, if you let a dog share your casket, you'll never earn his respect.

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