Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A President Worth Defending

Peter Hess, head of the New York cemetery where President Chester A. Arthur is buried, is fuming over an ornament hanging on this year's official White House Christmas tree. Not the ornament itself, actually, but the biographical sketch that accompanies it.

Hess wrote to the White House Historical Association, which produced the ornament, calling the group's description of Arthur "an absolute disgrace."

Said Hess in a strongly worded e-mail: "The positives are all but eliminated while the negatives are exaggerated to the point of outright lies."

Hess was outraged by several statements in the historical sketch accompanying the ornament. Namely, he objected to a focus on charges of political corruption against Arthur and this summary assessment: "Arthur's notable achievements as president were few." [Link]
At least they didn't call him Canadian.

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