Monday, December 11, 2006

A Quincy Question

My Finnish great-grandfather spent some time in the copper mines of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and may well have worked for the Quincy Mining Company in Hancock. No one at the museum there knows how the mine got its name.

"It's a constant source of embarrassment that we don't know the origin of our name," said its manager, Ed Yarbrough.

"A number of people have looked for this information and it's not readily found," Yarbrough said. "Even the scholar who has done the most work on Quincy leaves that question unanswered.'" [Link]
Coincidentally, my great-grandfather afterwards lived in Quincy, Mass., which—as the article mentions—was also home to a large Finnish community, and which is one possible source of the mining company's name. But the name wasn't carried from Massachusetts to Michigan by Finns: the company was founded a half century before they began arriving in large numbers.

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