Tuesday, December 12, 2006

San Francisco's Quietest Suburb

Colma, California—founded as a necropolis in 1924—has "1,500 aboveground residents," according to Mayor Helen Fisicaro, "and 1.5 million underground."

For the first few decades, Colma’s residents were mainly gravediggers, flower growers and monument makers. But by the 1980s, other types of people and businesses were settling in next to the dead. Today the little city has many thriving businesses, including car dealerships, two Home Depots, shopping centers and a game room.
Colma’s motto is “It’s Great to Be Alive in Colma!” And residents say they are comfortable being alive among the mausoleums, the marble obelisks and the tombstones. They express appreciation for the tranquillity of their hometown, where a serene, occasionally whimsical attitude toward death prevails. [Link]

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