Saturday, December 09, 2006

Somebody's Getting Snippy

It's not strange to have your picture taken with a horse. Unless the horse died 39 years ago from being mutilated by space aliens.

Snippy (or what's left of her) was up for grabs on eBay last week, but was withdrawn when a dispute arose over who should own her.

Attorneys for the heirs of Snippy's last owner, Carl Helfin, lawyers for the descendants of Snippy's original owner, Nellie Lewis, and legal counsel for the Alamosa Chamber of Commerce where Snippy once resided, all claim the mare's remains.

Snippy was the first reported case of animal mutilation by space aliens. All flesh between Snippy's nose and withers was removed, along with her brain.

At the time, Lewis said the boots she walked in to where Snippy was found were radioactive.
Frank Duran, hired by Helfin's estate to market Snippy, said Lewis' descendants are upset about the sale and visited his office this week to have a family picture taken with Snippy. [Link]
I don't know about you, but almost none of my family pictures feature a mutilated horse.

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