Monday, December 11, 2006

The SSDI Sometimes Lies

Despite being listed in the Social Security Death Index, David Rotolo insists that he's still alive. (Update: As of May 2007, he's no longer listed.) The SSA blames the mixup on the VA.

Veterans Affairs spokesman Ryan Steinbach said his agency had, in fact, marked Rotolo as dead in February 2005. It listed his date of death as Sept. 7, 2002.
He said the VA has no doubt Rotolo is who he claims to be and that he is alive.

"We're very sure that's the guy," Steinbach said. "We're very sorry for the time we did have him deceased and any problems it may have caused him or his family."

Steinbach said he hoped the error didn't cause Rotolo "any undue pain or harm."

"We can say this," Steinbach said. "He now has something in common with both Mark Twain and Paul McCartney." [Link]

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