Sunday, December 24, 2006

Take My Wife, Please

An article about the late Marjorie "Granny" Gomez—mother of 19 children (none of them twins)—offers this tantalizing tidbit:

Her Danish ancestors arrived in New York in 1639. Laurens Duyts promptly sold his wife. [Link]
The details are here:
The Court Minutes of Harlem relate that Laurens Duyts of Holstein received sent[e]ncing from Stuyvesant on November 25, 1658, for selling his wife, Ytie Jansen, and forcing her to live in adultery with another man, and for living himself in adultery, he was to have a rope tied around his neck, and then to be sever[e]ly flogged and have his right ear cut off, and to be banished for fifty years.

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