Saturday, December 02, 2006

Top Ten Signs Santa Is a Genealogist

10. Permitted the Mormons to microfilm his old Naughty/Nice lists.

9. Sole member of the Claus Family Association, North Pole Chapter.

8. Skipped Christmas 2003 because of a GEDCOM crash.

7. White beard hides tattoo of family crest.

6. Has one elf whose only job is checking obituaries.

5. Met the current Mrs. Claus in an AfriGeneas forum.

4. Was caught sneaking down the chimney at the National Archives.

3. Took a DNA sample instead of the cookies you left him.

2. Wouldn't believe he existed until his mother produced a birth certificate.

1. Sold Blitzen to pay his bill.

[Photo credit: Santa Claus by David Wilmot]

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