Thursday, December 28, 2006

When in Doubt, Ask a Genealogist

LaJoyce Ice hadn't heard from her elderly cousins in a while, and only recently learned of their deaths. She also learned that the cousins' court-appointed attorney had failed to find any living relatives back in 2001, and that she had been left out as a beneficiary of their substantial estate. She never would have known all this without the help of an 82-year-old genealogist from Texas.

When Bill Lynch of Denton read in The News last month that the Veatch sisters had no known living relatives, he was skeptical. Genealogy has been a hobby for years, so he started looking for information about the women. He found their mother's obituary and started tracking relatives.

"I knew everybody has some relatives somewhere, so I started digging," he said.

With a little help from librarians and a search of the Social Security death database and newspaper obituaries, he tracked down Ms. Ice and her sister Maxyne Yell.

"If an old farm boy can find it, why couldn't they have found it?" he said. [Link]

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