Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ambitions Without Ambition

Sweet Knees is the blog of a woman who wants very much to make a career of genealogy. I think we were separated at birth.

[Jan. 13] If I could be a paid genealogist, I would. In a heart beat. (I'd do it for free! Shhh.)
[Jan. 29] God, why am I such a mess? A bundle of contradicting feelings.

Laziness, apathy, boredom, wanting to do something that I probably can't make money at (professional genealogist). Wanting to write a book, but not doing it.

What is wrong with me????

Why can't I DO things?
I too would be a paid genealogist if I could do it for free. I'd feel guilty charging for something so enjoyable—like I was robbing my clients of the enjoyment that comes of doing the work on one's own. I'd never make it as a gigolo.

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