Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bagged and Tagged

The council in Uckfield, East Sussex, has covered headstones deemed unsafe with "lurid coloured plastic bags and 'crime scene' style plastic tape announcing 'Danger Unsafe Keep Away.'"

A council spokesman said: 'Workman should be carrying out repairs later in the year.

'Our main priority when securing the graves was to ensure visitors safety but of course it is very regrettable if this has caused any distress.' [Link]
Nothing says "Danger Unsafe Keep Away" to small children like pretty pink bags and yellow ribbons.


Uck lol

Those look like decontamination bags.. at first I thought perhaps someone had "their way" with the tombstones. Why on earth, if the stones are "unstable" would you add something colorful that would attract people to them... Uck and doh! :D


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