Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Cigar-Smoking Ghost of Cape Cod

Some current residents of Sagamore Cemetery in Bourne, Mass., were transplanted from other graveyards in 1909 when the Cape Cod Canal was built. Some remains ended up in the wrong graves, under the wrong headstones. Caretaker Donald Ellis thinks that the cemetery is haunted by the troubled spirit of Isaac Keith, late owner of the company that built new coffins for the transplanted bodies. As evidence, he reports "an incredibly distinct aroma of cigar smoke."

“Isaac Keith was a big cigar smoker, and he died in 1900,” Ellis says simply.

Or the supernatural aroma could be from the ghost of Emory Ellis, who held off the folks with shovels intent on disinterring the dead in Bournedale so long ago.

Emory Ellis reportedly smoked cigars too and was not too happy – until some money passed hands – with the dead moving to Sagamore.

“That’s another story,” Ellis says. [Link]

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