Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Digging for a Dimple

The remains of Col. Joseph Bridger have been exhumed from beneath a Virginia church and sent to the Smithsonian for analysis. And it's all because Jean Birdsong Tomes, president of the Bridger Family Association, wanted a look at the guy.

Tomes, a direct descendant who lives in North Carolina, initiated the move to exhume Bridger’s body less than a year ago. There was never a portrait of Bridger, or, if so, it was destroyed in a fire that burned his plantation. At an association meeting, she suggested exhuming the bones at St. Luke’s Church because she longed to see what her ancestor looked like, she said. A facial reconstruction is possible.

“I wonder if he had a dimple in his chin?” asked Merry Outlaw, another descendant, fingering her own cleft chin. [Link]

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