Friday, January 26, 2007

Don't Hold It In

Here's another reason to subscribe to the recently relaunched Ancestry Magazine.

In the current issue of "Ancestry," is one of the funniest tombstone epitaphs seen to date, noted on a tombstone in a cemetery near Ingersoll, Ontario: "Wherever you be, Let your wind to free. I held it in, T'was the death of me." [Link]


(grin)... (snicker)... (chuckle), LOL!


That's right, Jasia, don't hold it in.

Miriam Robbins

Ironically, the link you provided takes me to an article about a women's culture club. Somehow, I think they would not approve...!


You have to scroll down a ways to reach the genealogy bit. It's right above the piece about old ladies dressing up in their mother's clothes (really).

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