Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Genealogist's Special Jeans

Like me, Steve Danko was tagged by Jasia. His fifth fact about himself has us all intrigued.

5. My blue jeans were on display at the Smithsonian Institution (The National Museum of American History) in Washington, DC from 1985-2006. They are now in storage while the museum undergoes renovation.
I visited the NMAH a couple of times in that period, and don't remember seeing Steve's jeans. Perhaps I would remember if they had been worn by a bearded woman breastfeeding.

Steve Danko

I wanted to find the photos of the exhibit before I said anything more about the jeans. I'll post something in a day or two, photos or not. Unfortunately, I just learned that the exhibit with my jeans will not be part of the renovated museum scheduled to reopen in 2008. Bummer.


Another sign that the people in Washington don't know what's best for America. I look forward to reading the details.

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