Thursday, January 11, 2007

Genealogists Study Groh's Anatomy

Maureen Taylor and Sharon Sergeant have a new theory on the identity of our dapper horseman. Sharon has posted the new clues at Ancestral Manor.

It turns out that brothers George and Edward Groh lived in the Sheboygan neighborhood in 1880, that both were photographers, and that George was similar in stature and appearance to the man atop the supine equine. Moreover, George was just the sort of person one might expect to find posing in formal dress aboard a dead horse.

Carrying a walking stick, a flower in his lapel, either wearing a bowler or top hat, he was easily recognized as he sauntered down 8th St., peering into shop windows or stopping to talk with a lady.

He was considered one of the best-groomed men in the state in his earlier years, George Groh was.
For even more compelling evidence, see this photograph of George astride a soon-to-be-dead horse.

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