Tuesday, January 16, 2007

GRO Gems

Scotland's General Register Office has on its website a list of Genealogical Gems extracted from old parish registers. Among them:

  • 'Alexander MacHattie in Ardoch had a Child by his Wife who was born with a wooden leg.'
  • 'Septr 29th to George Anderson in Swannyside (a scoundrall a knave a scrub a rascall a villain a cheat) a son called Andrew'
  • 'Something - George Something lawful son to what-ye-call-him in Mains of Barskimming was baptized April 9th 1704.'
  • '25 June. Patrick Cheyne, Schoolmaster at Echt & Mrs. Sophia Garioch, Daugtr. of Alexr. Garioch Farmer in Glack in the Parish of Kinernie were contracted in order to Marriage but by the mutual consent of both Parties [the match was broke off]. 'Ha ha ha ha! He he he!' [in different writing]

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