Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Head of the Kellogg Family

Gladys Kellogg was a "daring world traveler," according to granddaughter Kathy Fulton, and the shrunken head ("human or monkey, no one could tell") she brought back from a trip and passed down to her son bears this out.

She carried a "ladies bag" filled with modern items --- matches, bubble gum, etc. --- to trade for unique ethnic items, her granddaughter said. Some, like the shrunken head, were illegal to bring back.

"She was pretty determined," Fulton said. "If she wanted something, she wouldn't let anything stand in her way." [Link]



What a fascinating story. It makes you wonder if whomever ends up with the shrunken head will end up like the folks who had the mummified baby. Whatever happened to them anyway?



Good question. Here's a link to that post. And here's a link to a follow-up article by the reporter who broke the story.

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