Monday, January 15, 2007

I Suspect a Genealogist

Some good Samaritan mailed Ned Hethington a postcard his great-aunt should have received in 1949.

The envelope the card came in was postmarked in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Dec. 9. The return address is an e-mail account held by someone using the moniker "lost.postcards." Hethington has e-mailed the account several times but has yet to receive a reply.

Did someone find the card in an old mailbag and send it on its way? Or was it a collector who decided to have a little fun by tracking down a descendant of the intended recipient? For the record, the postal service says it wasn't them.

"Someone paid 39 cents to send it to me, but why didn't they put a note in there?" Hethington said. "I'd just love to know who it was and where it's been all this time." [Link]
Click over to Honoring our Ancestors for info on known heirloom rescuers.

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