Monday, January 08, 2007

Jazz Royalty

Gregory Davis says his famous father's blood ran kind of blue.

You have to remember—a lot of people don’t know this—Miles Davis comes from royalty. Our ancestry goes back. I’ve done research and I need to be doing even more research; that will be my second book, I think … All the way back [to] the Pharaohs. The black Pharaohs and the black Indians that came out of Mecca and Medina from the West Nile to the East Nile. He always said that he came from royalty. [Link]

Devorah Dumes

Oh dear, the "black pharaohs"....

There was only one dynasty of Nubian kings (from what is now Ethiopia) in Egypt and no one currently living can reliably trace their ancestry to them. To which Miles might have said, "So what?"

I've even seen some folks insist that non-black pharaohs (the majority of Egyptian rulers) are in their lines, also not verifiable, alas.


I guess we'll have to wait for Gregory's second book to see what sort of "research" he's been doing.

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