Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Low Mileage, But Warranty Has Expired

A 1957 Plymouth Belvedere buried under the lawn at the Tulsa County Courthouse nearly fifty years ago will be dug up June 15 as part of Oklahoma's centennial celebration. But will it run?

Sharon King Davis, who has chaired Tulsa's centennial efforts, is managing the efforts of a committee of Tulsans interested in the old car and their ranks grow daily. Davis, looking at photos of the 1957 planners, was surprised to see the face of her grandfather, the late Sam Avey. Avey was a Tulsa promoter, banker and civic leader.
There was a contest before it was buried. Tulsans were asked to estimate the population of Tulsa as of June 1. The estimate closest to the population posted by the U.S. Census Bureau on June 1, 2007, wins the Plymouth. If the winner is dead, the car goes to heirs. If a winner can't be located, it goes to the Tulsa Historical Society. [Link]

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